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You have Quizboot designed for you to interact, through learning, with students. You can create and upload any quiz since it is equipped with enough tools to do so.
Also, Quizboot not only allows you to evaluate your student’s knowledge but also assists their classroom learning. In short, you made this possible for your students by uploading related past questions for them to participate in, on the platform.

What is Quizboot And How You Use It To Teach?

Firstly, you need to know that Quizboot is an online quiz-maker app. That is to say, you must teach with a good network. You encourage remote learning by using Quizboot, which is now used by schools around the world. Its clearly-designed templates are for you to find it easy to create challenges and quizzes. And, also, they will give you a simple practice while creating and uploading quizzes.
Secondly, and, for one thing, what makes Quizboot powerful in teaching is how you, the teacher or instructor, will be able to interact with other teachers on the platform and access their questions. This no-restriction to the other users will up your teaching experience as you communicate with one another.

Additionally, Quizboot encourages teaching. How? To clarify, you will find its features comprehensive and easy to make use of. You will not require any technical skills to begin. You find instructions that have been written in an arranged and detailed manner. Because of this, you will easily create a quiz or set a challenge without going through any stress.
Primarily, its main focus is on learning. You will find this easy to believe as you become familiar with its templates. Every quiz you create on Quizboot comes with the main aim to assist or encourage learning. The platform offers assistance in the form of revisions, challenges, and quizzes.

How Does Quizboot Work for Teachers?

Since it is necessary, Quizboot requires you to sign-up with either an email address or phone number. Similarly, you can create an account. After you have done that, you are to input a name and password. You choose name you want to be known as on the platform. In other words, a username. You upload a quiz or set a challenge, and they become linked to your account’s name. That is why it is important.

Signing up or having an account is certainly necessary for different reasons. Also, it is to make the experience for you and your students, easy. You set up an account to be able to create and set quizzes/challenges that will be easily accessed by your students. That is to say, you can make your students search for quizzes either through their title or the name of your account.
You create an account to get directed to the platform’s home page.

Undoubtedly, an advantage to Quizboot is access to the already-uploaded quizzes and challenges on its site. Because of this, it is not entirely compulsory for you to immediately or occasionally create personal quizzes. You can use its search engine or go through the quizzes uploaded until you find the ones on desired topics.

Subsequently, if you prefer, you can create your quizzes. There are different quiz options for you to select from; multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, true or false, etc.
Also, you can add images to every quiz you create to make it look more interesting for students.

What Are The Best Features Of Quizboot?

Access to the platform will give you, the teacher, these awesome features;

1) Check leaderboards
2) Mobile-friendly experience
3) You can fix a time for quizzes
4) You can create and commercialize quizzes
5) You can create public or private quizzes
6) 6 quiz-type questions to choose from; fill-in-the-blanks gap, true or false, multiple choice, passage, essay, audio response
7) Import questions easily
8) You can create public or private quizzes
8) Assigns a personal account to every user

Additionally, you will:

1) Create exams and tests for students
2) Create fun and interactive quizzes.
3) You score and grade tests, assignments

Further, with Quizboot you will ensure your students;

1) Participate in challenges and win prizes
2) Take part in interactive quizzes for exams and tests
3) Can share quizzes with friends

How Much Does Quizboot Cost?

Most importantly, the platform is free for you to use and require no charges. In addition, its templates do not need you to pay a subscription to begin design. Everything you decide to use comes for free. And for this reason, requires no form of payment.
More so, the only type of payment done on the platform is when a user decides to commercialize his/her quiz. That is to say before you can view such a quiz/quizzes, you will have to pay a specified fee. The charge, depends on the amount the creator of the fee inputted.


In conclusion, Quizboot has made teaching and learning easy for you in every possible way. You will not need to spend time creating quizzes. You search Quizboot’s database for quizzes that have been uploaded by other teachers. Since it is an interactive platform, it ensures that its quizzes and challenges are open to all users and students alike.

Again, remember the importance of a username and password (account) and why it is necessary to create one or sign-up. On Quizboot, if you do not have an account or haven’t signed up, it will be impossible to upload any quiz or even create one. The usefulness of having an account name is that you can tell your students to search for your account, or likewise titles of your quizzes. You chose the name of the account. If your students type the name in, your account will be visible to them. You will also be able to make them see every quiz you upload.

The best trick and tip you should know while using Quizboot is the importance of the search engine. It will make your experience on the platform especially if you already bear a quiz title or account in mind. Furthermore, the platform’s explore page contains CBT test practices and other related past questions. You will be greatly helping your students by recommending a quiz or revision under one of these.

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