How Does Quizboot Work For Students

Quizboot is an online quiz maker where you can experiment with surveys, set challenges, and create quizzes, for different purposes. You have it specially designed to create an effective and efficient experiences while you are active on it.

Since it is a quiz maker solely for creating quizzes, it has suitable templates. You can use them to design and get different quiz types. For example, if you prefer multiple-choice questions, Quizboot has it available. You can look through the options while creating your quiz. Also, you can use fill-in-the-gap question. Quizboot, likewise, has that provided.

Aside from the different available design options, Quizboot ensures you encounter no site-problem. The platform has been safely guarded. You will not encounter any kind of interruption on the internet.
Also, all instructions on how you create quizzes, have been thoroughly expressed in comprehensive words.

How Does Quizboot Work For Students?

You probably associate quiz creation with teachers, business owners, and basically anyone that has a student. However, these people alone are not the only ones that can create quizzes on Quizboot. To clarify, even you, the student can create your quizzes.
On Quizboot, you can;

Here are fun things students can do on Quizboot:
1. Create quizzes: Firstly and solely, you create quizzes and foster learning with Quizboot’s designs. Invite your friends to join you in creating as many quizzes as possible.
2. Set challenges: On Quizboot you can set challenges and then attach prizes for more friends to participate. As this is a fun way for you to learn, Quizboot made that possible for students.
3. Participate in other quizzes: Quizboot takes pride in the fact that it does not hide quizzes. As long as you find a quiz has been made public, you can participate in it, and you can invite your friends to create theirs and also participate.
4. Connect with friends: A great advantage to Quizboot is that you can use it as a chatroom. Connect and keep up with friends, and send them messages.
5. Upload group CBT questions: If you love group studying, you can do it on Quizboot. And also encourage it amongst friends. Create an account or sign in. Then you can upload related questions for you and your friends.

connect with friends on Quizboot

How To Use Quizboot As A Student

If you know next to nothing about Quizboot, let us walk you through. These are the steps on how to create a quiz.
Before you can get unrestricted access to Quizboot, you must first;

1) Visit the website: Firstly, pay a visit to Quizboot’s home page. Alternatively, you can press the link to get there.

2) Sign-up or create an account: Secondly, you need to either create an account on Quizboot or sign-up. It is necessary to have an account to design quizzes or even participate in one. Moreover, you will need to input your phone number or email address to sign-up.
Furthermore, whichever one you choose to do — create an account or sign-up — is fine. But, in spite of what you choose, you will require a username and password. They are essential to have an account on Quizboot.
Bear in mind that it is important you have an account on Quizboot. Since every quiz you create will have to be linked to you in a way. And, Quizboot, has made this possible. By ensuring you have an existing account that can be searched for.

3) After you have created an account or signed up, and you have filled in a username and password, the next course of action solely depends on the reason you decided to visit Quizboot.
The page you will see at this stage will show you two options. “Create a quiz” or “join a quiz.” If you are here to create a quiz, you can click the button and proceed to the next page. Likewise for “join a quiz.

4) Select preferences: If you choose to go further with “create a quiz,” this next step is for you.
“Select preferences” means as you create, you will be provided with certain options. Think of them as questions. To familiarize you with them before you encounter them, we have them compiled for you, below.

You Will Be Asked These Likely Questions While Creating A Quiz On Quizboot.
Will You Wish To Make Your Quiz Available To The Public Or Only To Some Private Individuals?
This option, in other words, is asking if you want to make your quiz public or private. Know that a public quiz means every user will be able to see it. And they can participate in it too. On the other hand, a private quiz means only a few will. You select those you want to find it.

Do You Want A Commercialized Quiz?
Commercializing a quiz on Quizboot means you make it “not free” by attaching a price to it. To clarify, this means whoever decides to participate in your quiz will first have to pay the fee you charge.

What Is The Name Of Your Quiz?
You must write the quiz title. Unlike some other options, you cannot leave the space blank. You need a quiz title. It is important. You have it to make your quiz be found and searched for.

How Long Do You Want The Quiz To Be, And What Is Its Pass Mark?
If you do not have an answer, you can leave their spaces blank. You leaving them blank will not cause any problem. The outlook of your quiz will not change. Also how easy others will find it.

Do You Want To Add Images To Make Your Quiz Look More Interesting?
Additionally, there is the option “add image” provided on the platform. If you wish for it, you can add any image of your choice while creating your quiz.
In conclusion to this, once you finish creating and designing your quiz, you can save the settings. After that, add your quiz questions.

5) Choose the type of question you want: Once you have done everything above, the next step is for you to choose the question type you want for your quiz. You have enough options provided for you on Quizboot. Multiple choice, passage, true or false, essay, fill-in-the-blanks, and audio response. You select a type based on your preference and add as many questions as possible. After that is complete, you have created your quiz. The next thing you do after that is press the “publish” button, and your quiz is live.

6) Share the quiz: Make your quiz live. You share a quiz after you have completed everything above. Every new quiz has a unique Quiz-key. You share your quiz through it. To share quizzes with a quiz key, copy your quiz key and post. Likewise, you can copy the whole link to take your users on the platform directly to your quiz page.


In summary, you want a quiz that has been uploaded, keep its title in mind. It is what you will use in the search engine to browse for it. Alternatively, if you do not know the quiz name but only the name of the account, that is fine. You can type that in. The registered account will appear, as well as all the quizzes it uploaded. You can then search through until you find what you are looking for.

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