8 Free Online Quiz Makers To Use

Certainly, you create a quiz with a best online quiz maker. This can come in form of a test, assessment, or revision. However, to do this, you start a search online, and, in addition, look through possible options. Though, this can be a hard task, as there are many quiz makers online, be complacent. We have compiled a list of top-rated quiz makers. You can read through it. After that, select the right one.

Here are the Top 8 Online Quiz Makers To Use

1. QuizBoot

Quizboot Landing page

Firstly, there is Quizboot. You choose Quizboot as the No. 1 platform if you want simple-to-do practice. An online quiz maker that is subsequently designed to create quizzes, fix challenges, and find other creators of quizzes and participate in their challenges.

Also, you enjoy this interactive platform by concentrating knowledge assessment on quizzes that come in form of tests and brain teasers.
Most importantly, its easy-to-use interface is not limited to education alone. You use it to track business growth or carry out surveys on prospective job applicants.

It was largely inspired by the wish to challenge one’s self while learning and socializing. In addition to its numerous benefits, it provides learners with unrestricted access to multiple quizzes.

You assess the platform’s unique and special features easily. They cover teachers and business owners (quiz-creators), and students (users), likewise.

Its general features:

• Mobile friendly

• Check leaderboards

• You can fix a time for quizzes

• You can create and commercialize quizzes

• Import questions easily

• 6 quiz-type questions to choose from; fill-in-the-blanks gap, true or false, multiple choice, passage, essay, audio response

• You can create public or private quizzes

• Assigns a personal account to every user

Special features for students:

• Share quizzes with friends

• Participate in challenges and win prizes

• Take part in interactive quizzes for exams and tests

Features for teachers:

• You score and grade tests, assignments

• Create exams and tests for students

• Create fun and interactive quizzes

For businesses:

• Evaluate employee’s knowledge and skill

• Design customers’ survey tests

• Create tests for prospective job applicants

Sign up for Free and start using the No. 1 Online quiz maker

2. Kahoot!

Kanhoot Landing page

Secondly, we have Kahoot! Firstly, you can make striking visuals and gameplay mechanics with this platform. Secondly, using it will increase the rate at which your learners realize and engage in learning.

The quiz you create is automatically given a name. In other words, you have a title, but the platform has its name for it. Which is “kahoot.”
Certainly, you set things up with this platform to showcase your quiz to a large number of people, at the same time.

Depending on the version, you can connect to a group of people and create a quiz. With the free version, you can participate with a maximum of 10 participants. But, the paid version, which costs $17 a month, allows the number of participants to be increased.

Kahoot! allows its users to enjoy these features:

• Create games for players in groups ranging from 3-10 participants

• Create gamified and colourful quizzes

• Set challenges according to their personal preference.

3. SurveyMonkey

Survey Monkey Landing page

Thirdly, SurveyMonkey is the best. If you want to carry out surveys, decide on SurveyMonkey. It has effective features you can use to design survey-related tasks that will be easy to carry out. In addition, you can create quizzes in form of questionnaires, and upload them for viewers to see and respond to.

If you decide to use SurveyMonkey, know that it has a free plan and a premium plan. If you use the free plan, only 40 feedback, per survey question, will be able to be posted. However, if you want to increase the number, a sign-up for the premium version is advised.

SurveyMonkey allows:

• You assess to effortless creation of quizzes, polls, and surveys

• Logical analysis of data

• Widespread share of results

• You easily customize designs, templates, and tools

• Made-available templates for various kinds of quizzes

4. Quizlet

Quizlet Landing page

You can start with Quizlet if you have a low budget. It is primarily regarded as a no-cost quiz maker. Easily, many students can be assessed. And, as a teacher, you can use it to specially create and upload quizzes to monitor their progress. Its simple design and instructional templates make it easy for them to answer your every question.

Should you choose this, you stand to enjoy:

• Different question-type options; true or false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-gap 

• Gamified designs and templates

• Selected study assessments for various subjects

• You can open functions such as audio options for students with auditory disabilities

• A memory card format.

5. Quiz Maker

Quizmaker landing page

This platform chose the name “Quiz Maker” to make it obvious that its main job is making and creating quizzes. Through the help of its basic and direct software, designing quizzes has been brought about to be easy.

The features:

• A ranking board for leaders in a competition

• Total results of competitions

•  Combination of third-party tools

• Timed or clocked quizzes 

• Various quiz-type: surveys, trivia, graded, personality, polls

• Different customized and default themes.

6. QuizGame

Quizgame landing page

You create game-like quizzes to foster learning, as the name suggests. Similarly to Quiz Maker, QuizGame passes the message that the use of games in learning encourages recollection.

Its simple interface has the following features:

• Different modes for quizzes: trivia, games

• Allow you assess to different available templates

• Has user-assigned questions

7. Interact

Interact landing page

Meanwhile, Interact is mostly for monitoring businesses and their growth, you can create quizzes for personal reasons or assessments. In addition, for business, you design quizzes to produce clues concerning growth. Interact’s easy use is credited to its exclusive components.

Its features include:

• Nearly 1000+ accessible templates

• Assists in promotion

• Contains theme customization and branding

• And, you design quizzes in different forms; assessment, scored, personality

8. TriviaMaker

Triviamaker Landing page

You make use of TriviaMaker to build quizzes in game forms and, as a result, get amazing answers. Though it is a method of learning, it uses games. TriviaMaker is encouraged by the creation of famous games. For example; Family Feud, Multiple Choice, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune.

Go ahead with TriviaMaker if you find the use of games as an entertaining and creative form of challenging learning process.

Its accessible features:

• Different styles of quiz: wheel, list, trivia, etc

• A hundred and more available games.

• You can use it on many devices 

• You do not require any downloads or sign-ins


In conclusion, we have highlighted the top quiz makers. You can now go ahead and choose the best quiz maker to use.
To sum up, you can read through this article and select which you think is right. On the other hand, you can do this. Firstly, choose a quiz maker here. Secondly, visit its site. Thirdly, further, read on it. You do this until you are sure to have found the quiz maker with a wide variety of striking designs and features you are pleased with.

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